Feb 16 '11

Breaking the ice:
6 things: you dislike...you like...

Debrief Sun's OSM

Mentoring update (room to grow here)

(re) Assignment: get a face to face feedback session with your supervisor.

Next week: Presentation of feedback & PRIMAL book discussion.
Click here to download form.

Next Protege Book: PRIMAL

Reading Plan:

Feb 23: ch 1-3

Mar 2: ch 4 & 5

Mar 9: ch 6 & 7

Marb 16: ch 8-10

PRIMAL website

Feb 9, '11

1) Discussed OSM's recent changes in detail.

2) Concluded discussion on Next Generation Leader.
Book seemed to be very applicable to everyone. Lots of participation and take-aways.

Interesting note: Andy Stanley suggests not using the word "coach" when asking someone to coach you; it's too intimidating and no one will every think he/she is worthy. pg 124

While in the book Exponential, Ferguson suggests using the word "coach."

Ironic ;-)

Solicit specific feedback from your dept supervisor on how you are doing. Share your feedback in Feb 16 huddle.

Feb 2, '11


Jan 26, '11

Niko led the huddle as I was in an all day Mgt Team meeting.

  1. Discussed reading assign. in Next Gen Leader
  2. Challenged them on regular Bible reading