Dec. 8

1) "1 page" exercise.
Everyone gets one sheet of paper to write whatever they want. Then we read them.

2) Lesson: "Meetings & Active Listening"
Lesson can be found here.

3) Discussed The Faith, 159 to end.
All the discussions for this book have been A+. So interesting in the last 2 Protege classes that this book by Charles Colson has been a big hit & very helpful in everyone's walk w/God & understanding of our faith.

4) Next book: The Next Generation Leader -Andy Stanley
Have it by Jan 5th. Discussion plan:

Jan 12: intro thru ch 4
Jan 19: ch 5 thru ch 10
Jan 26: ch 11 thru epilogue

5) Read on your own by Jan 5, The Me I Want to Be -Ortberg
On Jan 5th I'd like to hear your impressions & take-aways about the book.

Dec 15th 10am @ YMCA Kokomo w/Dave Dubois. Be there 9:55. Be prepared to use your stellar "active listening" skills.

Nov 1

Highlight: Niko led this huddle while I was in my own "Protege" program at Granger Community church.

1) Open up with "high - low."

2) Discussed how they're doing on regular Bible reading. (shaking head)

3) Discussed pgs 81-158 of The Faith.