April 27 Master Class w/Mark Malin

Mark led us through a discussion after watching the 2009 Willow Creek Summit DVD w/Jessica Jackley. She is the co-founder of Kiva; an amazing company that makes loans as little as $25 available to people in need all across the globe. Here are some of my notes:

She was impacted growing by 2 truths:
1. Jesus told us the poor would always be with us.
2. What you do for the least of these you do unto Me.

The avg loan is $500. The avg lender is $100

98% percent of Kiva loans are repaid!

The relationship between the lender and borrower is very key to the success of Kiva. The connection is encouraging to both parties.

7 entrepreneurs and $7,000 started Kiva. They currently lend $5 million dollars per month!

"We believe in co-creation and a flatter system rather than a hierarchy system."

"We come back to our mission often, 'Connect people, through lending, for the sake of eliminating poverty.'" It's simple: who? what? why?

(On mission) "Common purpose is the best way to predict outcome in unpredictable circumstances."

"Innovation should be integral to the Church."

"Great poets show and don't tell."

"Don't allow fear to keep you from taking risks."

"We didn't apologize for our humble beginnings--don't be afraid to start small."

"Just start! Learn on the way."

"Different experiences create the best outcomes; be open and diverse."

"Belief determines what can happen; so really believe in what you're doing."

Got $25? You could make someone's dream happen.

April 20 IMMI Field Trip

Dick Anthony, Chairman of the Board and founder of IMMI graciously gave a few hours of his time. He's in his mid seventies and as sharp and up to date as men half his age. He built a small business into an organization in the U.K., Mexico, North Caroline and Westfield.

He also established the IMMI Word and Deed Foundation that exists to help Christians share the Gospel throughout the world.

Here are just some soundbites & observations that hit me:

"God is the only Manufacturer--we just distribute."

When he was looking for properties for his business in the early days he didn't let a "no" or "it's not available" stop him. He and his wife would pray over properties and some amazing stories unfolded.

"Problems are opportunities. Pray through them. Confess your sins and ask Him to fill you with the Spirit...ask Him to write the answer to your problems through you..."

His life verse is Matthew 6:33.

"The one thing you can do forever is be a witness for Christ. So you need to figure out how you can share Christ with people."

"I'm reading 6 or 7 books right now. I decided I'm going to get up earlier so that I can read more."

"I try to read through the Bible every year."

"Don't work too hard--you have to take care of your family."

"You need some good physical recreation--you need to be able to blow the cobwebs out."

April 13

1. Got a mentoring update from everyone.

2. Did a 2-part teach on "Meetings" & "Active Listening

- Don't just come to mtg to "get" but to "give."
- Focus & pray for the people in the mtg before you get there.
- Take the "Me" out of "meeting" & be others-focused.

-Active Listening is for everywhere! (1-on-1, large group, small group, mtgs, etc)
Keys to Active Listening:
a. Stop working, surfing, texting etc.
b. Look the person speaking in the eye.
c. Face the person.
d. Show interest w/your body language.
e. Nod your head or give "uh huh's" to show your attention & encourage.
f. If you don't understand, let them know; don't fake listen.
g. Repeat back phrases (if appropriate)
h. Act like you're interested & ask questions.

By approaching meetings and listening in appropriate ways:
we demonstrate respect & love for others.
we demonstrate humility by focusing on others.

3. Final discussion on "The Truth About You."

4. Next week morning field Trip to IMMI.

Next book possibility? "Unstoppable Force" by Erwin McManus

April 6

  • Revisited Spiritual Growth Plans
  • Discussed chapters 2 & 3 of The Truth About You. This discussion seemed hard-going. It was hard for the guys to get to good "strength statements." Being young and not having lots of experiences yet--this is a difficult task.
  • Travis Carpenter has made it possible for 3 of the Proteges to spend a week in the "set up" phase for Big Stuf Camp in Panama City FL. This should be a phenomenal experience at the end of May, first week in June.
  • Next week: wrap-up The Truth About You.