Nov 3 - New Season!

We're off on season II of Protege @ Oakbrook. Elijah Pickett & Alyssa Porter are our two participants. My son, Slater, calls it "Protege: Couple Edition." since they are in a relationship ;-)

Since they both have team recruiting and building assignments, I thought we'd start with the simple profound book, The One Minute Manager. This is a great book for anyone new to overseeing people where you expect positive results.

week 1:

1.) Solicited their expectations:
Learn more about what I'm good at; interests. Learn to apply myself. Grow spiritually; be mentored. Become more mature: manage time, right focus. See where God wants me to be. Learn why OCC does what it does the way it does.

2) Went through Protege Expectations handout. Included accompanying handouts: Simple Mentoring & the article Question Marks by Gordan McDonald.

3. Assignment: The Last 10%
Make appointments to get last 10% honesty from the people who filled out their references.

4. Read The One Minute Manager and come prepared to discuss it next Wed.

5. From expectations handout:
a) Have a personal organization tool
b) Have a mentee by Thanksgiving
c) Blog weekly about Protege experience.