Nov 10 Week 2

1) Spent the first 15 min or so doing a fun & poignant mixer activity to laugh together and learn more about each other.

2) They talked through their Last 10% assignment. Seemed like a great experience for them. Sam & Joel gave great honest loving feedback and challenges.

3) Discussed The One Minute Manager. Honestly I was nervous if this would play out--I reread it last week & wondered if it would be perceived as cheesy. It wasn't. Everyone had positive feedback and applicable take-aways to share.

4) New assignment: Seeing the Church Through Others' Eyes.
Due back Nov 24. Do it with big room AND OSM attenders.

5) Next book: The Faith, Given Once, For All by Charles Colson.

Reading schedule (discussion dates):

Nov 24: preface to 80
Dec 1: 81 to 158 (Niko leads)
Dec 8: 159 to 225