April 13

1. Got a mentoring update from everyone.

2. Did a 2-part teach on "Meetings" & "Active Listening

- Don't just come to mtg to "get" but to "give."
- Focus & pray for the people in the mtg before you get there.
- Take the "Me" out of "meeting" & be others-focused.

-Active Listening is for everywhere! (1-on-1, large group, small group, mtgs, etc)
Keys to Active Listening:
a. Stop working, surfing, texting etc.
b. Look the person speaking in the eye.
c. Face the person.
d. Show interest w/your body language.
e. Nod your head or give "uh huh's" to show your attention & encourage.
f. If you don't understand, let them know; don't fake listen.
g. Repeat back phrases (if appropriate)
h. Act like you're interested & ask questions.

By approaching meetings and listening in appropriate ways:
we demonstrate respect & love for others.
we demonstrate humility by focusing on others.

3. Final discussion on "The Truth About You."

4. Next week morning field Trip to IMMI.

Next book possibility? "Unstoppable Force" by Erwin McManus