Dec. 8

1) "1 page" exercise.
Everyone gets one sheet of paper to write whatever they want. Then we read them.

2) Lesson: "Meetings & Active Listening"
Lesson can be found here.

3) Discussed The Faith, 159 to end.
All the discussions for this book have been A+. So interesting in the last 2 Protege classes that this book by Charles Colson has been a big hit & very helpful in everyone's walk w/God & understanding of our faith.

4) Next book: The Next Generation Leader -Andy Stanley
Have it by Jan 5th. Discussion plan:

Jan 12: intro thru ch 4
Jan 19: ch 5 thru ch 10
Jan 26: ch 11 thru epilogue

5) Read on your own by Jan 5, The Me I Want to Be -Ortberg
On Jan 5th I'd like to hear your impressions & take-aways about the book.

Dec 15th 10am @ YMCA Kokomo w/Dave Dubois. Be there 9:55. Be prepared to use your stellar "active listening" skills.

Nov 1

Highlight: Niko led this huddle while I was in my own "Protege" program at Granger Community church.

1) Open up with "high - low."

2) Discussed how they're doing on regular Bible reading. (shaking head)

3) Discussed pgs 81-158 of The Faith.

Nov 24

1) Opened up w/ "2 Truths & a Lie" (Alyssa won!)

2) Got mentoring updates & gave them the handout Mentor Questions.
  • Get buy in (from mentee)
  • Get a schedule
  • Get a plan
3) Revisited Bible reading & prayer (personal devotions)
  • Put Bible reading into your schedule
4) Discussed why proteges blog
  • Practice communication skills
  • Learn to vision cast
  • Blog reflects life: if you can't find something to write about, something is missing.
5) Discussed "Through Others' Eyes" assignment
  • Have word doc that reflects all the answers & your evaluation sent to Morgan & Niko by next Wed.
6) Discussed Preface to pg 80 in The Faith.
  • Mark up your book, takes notes, so it will be useful in the future.
Niko will lead as I go for more Executive Pastor Training at Granger. Be prepared to discuss The Faith in good detail.

December schedule
Dec 1 Huddle
Dec 8 Huddle
Dec 15 Staff mtg or Huddle
Dec 22 & 29 OFF

Nov 10 Week 2

1) Spent the first 15 min or so doing a fun & poignant mixer activity to laugh together and learn more about each other.

2) They talked through their Last 10% assignment. Seemed like a great experience for them. Sam & Joel gave great honest loving feedback and challenges.

3) Discussed The One Minute Manager. Honestly I was nervous if this would play out--I reread it last week & wondered if it would be perceived as cheesy. It wasn't. Everyone had positive feedback and applicable take-aways to share.

4) New assignment: Seeing the Church Through Others' Eyes.
Due back Nov 24. Do it with big room AND OSM attenders.

5) Next book: The Faith, Given Once, For All by Charles Colson.

Reading schedule (discussion dates):

Nov 24: preface to 80
Dec 1: 81 to 158 (Niko leads)
Dec 8: 159 to 225

Nov 3 - New Season!

We're off on season II of Protege @ Oakbrook. Elijah Pickett & Alyssa Porter are our two participants. My son, Slater, calls it "Protege: Couple Edition." since they are in a relationship ;-)

Since they both have team recruiting and building assignments, I thought we'd start with the simple profound book, The One Minute Manager. This is a great book for anyone new to overseeing people where you expect positive results.

week 1:

1.) Solicited their expectations:
Learn more about what I'm good at; interests. Learn to apply myself. Grow spiritually; be mentored. Become more mature: manage time, right focus. See where God wants me to be. Learn why OCC does what it does the way it does.

2) Went through Protege Expectations handout. Included accompanying handouts: Simple Mentoring & the article Question Marks by Gordan McDonald.

3. Assignment: The Last 10%
Make appointments to get last 10% honesty from the people who filled out their references.

4. Read The One Minute Manager and come prepared to discuss it next Wed.

5. From expectations handout:
a) Have a personal organization tool
b) Have a mentee by Thanksgiving
c) Blog weekly about Protege experience.

June 8

Proteges spent an extended time filling out a 4 page eval of themselves & their experience w/Protege.

Then each person walked us through their answers.

book: Unstoppable Force -Erwin McManus

This is one of the best books of our time on what the Church should look like; regardless of denomination, style, location etc. It answers the question, "What should church be, really?"

Have read by:

May 11: 1-61, pg 1 thru Friction Traction

May 18: 62-111, Momentum thru E-motion

May 25: 112-164, Cultural Architecture thru Spirit Design Theory

June 1: 165-224, Soul Environments to end

You will want to take lots of notes during this read. Spend time answering the "FUEL FOR THOUGHT" sections at the end of each chapter.

April 27 Master Class w/Mark Malin

Mark led us through a discussion after watching the 2009 Willow Creek Summit DVD w/Jessica Jackley. She is the co-founder of Kiva; an amazing company that makes loans as little as $25 available to people in need all across the globe. Here are some of my notes:

She was impacted growing by 2 truths:
1. Jesus told us the poor would always be with us.
2. What you do for the least of these you do unto Me.

The avg loan is $500. The avg lender is $100

98% percent of Kiva loans are repaid!

The relationship between the lender and borrower is very key to the success of Kiva. The connection is encouraging to both parties.

7 entrepreneurs and $7,000 started Kiva. They currently lend $5 million dollars per month!

"We believe in co-creation and a flatter system rather than a hierarchy system."

"We come back to our mission often, 'Connect people, through lending, for the sake of eliminating poverty.'" It's simple: who? what? why?

(On mission) "Common purpose is the best way to predict outcome in unpredictable circumstances."

"Innovation should be integral to the Church."

"Great poets show and don't tell."

"Don't allow fear to keep you from taking risks."

"We didn't apologize for our humble beginnings--don't be afraid to start small."

"Just start! Learn on the way."

"Different experiences create the best outcomes; be open and diverse."

"Belief determines what can happen; so really believe in what you're doing."

Got $25? You could make someone's dream happen.

April 20 IMMI Field Trip

Dick Anthony, Chairman of the Board and founder of IMMI graciously gave a few hours of his time. He's in his mid seventies and as sharp and up to date as men half his age. He built a small business into an organization in the U.K., Mexico, North Caroline and Westfield.

He also established the IMMI Word and Deed Foundation that exists to help Christians share the Gospel throughout the world.

Here are just some soundbites & observations that hit me:

"God is the only Manufacturer--we just distribute."

When he was looking for properties for his business in the early days he didn't let a "no" or "it's not available" stop him. He and his wife would pray over properties and some amazing stories unfolded.

"Problems are opportunities. Pray through them. Confess your sins and ask Him to fill you with the Spirit...ask Him to write the answer to your problems through you..."

His life verse is Matthew 6:33.

"The one thing you can do forever is be a witness for Christ. So you need to figure out how you can share Christ with people."

"I'm reading 6 or 7 books right now. I decided I'm going to get up earlier so that I can read more."

"I try to read through the Bible every year."

"Don't work too hard--you have to take care of your family."

"You need some good physical recreation--you need to be able to blow the cobwebs out."

April 13

1. Got a mentoring update from everyone.

2. Did a 2-part teach on "Meetings" & "Active Listening

- Don't just come to mtg to "get" but to "give."
- Focus & pray for the people in the mtg before you get there.
- Take the "Me" out of "meeting" & be others-focused.

-Active Listening is for everywhere! (1-on-1, large group, small group, mtgs, etc)
Keys to Active Listening:
a. Stop working, surfing, texting etc.
b. Look the person speaking in the eye.
c. Face the person.
d. Show interest w/your body language.
e. Nod your head or give "uh huh's" to show your attention & encourage.
f. If you don't understand, let them know; don't fake listen.
g. Repeat back phrases (if appropriate)
h. Act like you're interested & ask questions.

By approaching meetings and listening in appropriate ways:
we demonstrate respect & love for others.
we demonstrate humility by focusing on others.

3. Final discussion on "The Truth About You."

4. Next week morning field Trip to IMMI.

Next book possibility? "Unstoppable Force" by Erwin McManus

April 6

  • Revisited Spiritual Growth Plans
  • Discussed chapters 2 & 3 of The Truth About You. This discussion seemed hard-going. It was hard for the guys to get to good "strength statements." Being young and not having lots of experiences yet--this is a difficult task.
  • Travis Carpenter has made it possible for 3 of the Proteges to spend a week in the "set up" phase for Big Stuf Camp in Panama City FL. This should be a phenomenal experience at the end of May, first week in June.
  • Next week: wrap-up The Truth About You.

March 30

1. Did an exercise to explore what their values were in terms of promptness. It turned out we all share the same values as to the subject so punctuality should be more the norm ;-)

2. Discussed intro & ch 1 of "The Truth About You."
It was a very healthy discussion. We learned that this book will be an easy read, but the time and energy to do the assignments well along the way, is where the keys to success will lie.

We will discuss this book in detail weekly and skip a "Master Class" in this 4-week block.

March 23

Discussed the Donald Miller book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. All the guys loved the book; most even completed it ahead of schedule. Had our best book discussion yet.
Our new book is Marcus Buckingham's The Truth About You. It's an abbreviated version of his strengths info accompanied by a DVD and a notebook.
Reading schedule:

Mar 30th: intro & ch 1
April 6th: ch 2 & 3
April 13th: ch 4 & 5

March 16

(No meeting. Leadership Summit @ IUK)

March 9

Field Trip / Leadership lesson with Mark Lee, President & CEO, Dream Solutions Marketing, Noblesville IN.

Derek, Brandon and I had an invaluable time with Mark. Click here (PDF) to read thru the "Life Lessons" he shared with us. People like this are making this Protege experience rich!

March 2

  • Mark Malin Master Class
1) "If God says it, do it."
2) "Know thy self."
3) "Be a life-long learner"
4) "PRAY!"

Have read by these dates:
Mar 9: pg 3 to 93
Mar 16: 97 to 168
Mar 23: 171 to 250

Recast expectations:
  • No more grace on missing Quadrant II assignments: blog posts, reading, promptness
  • New expectation: work as a group to encourage each other to accomplish tasks.

Next week: Field Trip to Noblesville, Mark Lee & Dream Solutions Marketing

Feb 23

  • Presentation of their individual scheduling system
BL: white board & notebook
RP: white board
DR: iCal
JM: iCal

  • Who's your "mentee"--how's it going?
  • Teach time: Goal setting - Spiritual Growth Plans

  • Fill out self evaluation and then fill out spiritual growth plan
  • Discuss with your dept overseer


Feb 16 Field Trip: Dave Dubois Kokomo YMCA

Our first Field Trip to get some leadership insights from Kokomo YMCA Director, Dave Dubois, whose been a leader in the Y since 1983.

Dave dove in by giving us a poignant and revealing insight into his life before Christ, his conversion, and his life now. It was powerful and he was incredibly transparent.

Here are just some high points of our great time with Dave:

"I've learned that bar none, the most powerful witness to people, be it my employees or anyone for that matter, is humility. Humility goes 1,000 miles in the eyes of the unsaved. Humility is the difference of being a Christ Follower rather than just a 'religious guy.'"

"When you mess up--it's simple: apologize. A leader is never too big to say when he's wrong."

"The most critical leadership component is creating and maintaining a good team. So goes your team, so goes your business. A dysfunctional team is a lose for everyone. Keeping people from slipping into dysfunctional behavior is a great daily challenge."

"A great way to maintain a healthy team is to insistent upon conflict resolution within your team. I'll talk to each of the people individually and then bring them together. Sometimes they can work it out with each other; other times I'll mediate. But I'll make sure last 10% conversations happen. It's key to maintaining a healthy team."

"John Maxwell has been a huge influence on me. He helped me realize that as a leader, I have to grow up other leaders. I can never lead the organization to reach its potential by myself--I'll only get there with the help of other leaders. So make sure you invest in your people--they are your success."

"Take criticism and learn from your mistakes. People will criticize both for your right & wrong decisions--listen to them, but in the end, do the right thing whether it's popular or not."

"For you as young men, one of my biggest suggestions is to listen and seek advice from people who've been where you are. Seek counsel from those older people who've gone before you. If I could do one thing different when I was a young leader, it would be to ask more questions and engage more dialogue with older wiser men."

"When an older person shoots down an idea with a remark like, 'We tried that before and it didn't work.' Don't let that shut down the conversation. Instead, in a humble spirit ask, 'Tell me why you think it didn't.' That could continue the dialogue that finds a new way to win."

"Intentionally pull opinions from those around you--especially those people who think differently--that's something good leaders do."

"Involve a lot of people in the process--make other people part of the solution. Leadership isn't a solo endeavor."

"Your leadership is wasted if you don't use it well."

A big thank you to Dave for spending a couple hours with us, sharing from his heart, and giving us just some of his wealth of experience and leadership learnings.

Feb 16

  • Field Trip at Kokomo YMCA; Arrive in the lobby before 2:30 pm
To be done
  • Have read pgs 81 - 158 in The Faith
  • Have someone to mentor
  • your weekly blog post
  • daily Bible reading

Feb 9

  • Followups. Pay for book? (JM only guy to pay for book. Reward: free book next time.)Bible reading? Blogs?
  • Presentations: "Last 10% debriefs"
  • Teach time: Living in Quadrant II--"Big Rocks"- concept from First Things First.
  • Book discussion
  • Feb 23 - present your scheduling system to the group (be living in Quadrant II)
  • (Also should have a "mentee" by Feb 16)
  • Be current on reading assignment
  • Pay for book before Wed.
  • Be at YMCA lobby next Tues before 2:30 (be prepared to ask questions)
  • Plan (in your system) for a morning field trip to IMMI April 20

Feb 2

  • Went over Protege Expectations
  • "Simple Mentoring" handout
  • Go over "Last 10%" assignment
  • The Faith reading schedule
  • Overview of schedule thru June
Things to put in your scheduling system:
  • Daily Bible reading
  • Be a mentor by Feb 16
  • Start a blog & post at least weekly about your protege experience
  • Schedule "last 10%" conversations
  • Read to pg 80 in The Faith
  • Pay for book @ Bookstore